About DMYC

Our membership is full of fun people who encompass all levels of boating – from those who are just starting out with their first boat to those who cruise all year long in the South Sound and beyond. We welcome new members on a year-round basis with pretty basic criteria. Please see our Membership page for more information. 

Des Moines Yacht Club (DMYC) has been a vibrant, contributing member of the City of Des Moines, WA since 1957.  Read how it all began on the History page.

Need to contact our club leadership? Visit the FAQ page.

To protect your privacy, as well as provide features for members only, you now must sign in to see members-only content. For help signing in and the answers to other burning questions, see our FAQ

Members-only pages

As a member, you get a bound paper copy of our annual yearbook continuing the DMYC Bylaws, Rules and Regulations as well as the address book of all the members. This year, we’ve also added it to the Helpful Info and Files page. 

If you are a member you can access the Ask the Admins page to report a website problem, provide feedback, or get tips and tricks by reading blog posts.

The News page, features recent blog posts. If you are a member all blog posts appear here. If you are a visitor, only blogs available to public are visible here.