September 2020 Vagabonder Membership — Debbie Minniti

Hello Vagabonders!

I have had a busy summer working with people interested in joining our great DMYC. When it was clear we were not going to be able to have normal activities, I approached the BOT asking for a temporary solution during COVID 19 to help prospective members gain membership. I created a committee of 5 to interview prospective members which has gone very well, and I plan to continue the interview process while I hold the position of Membership Chair. After the interviews, the committee made recommendations for membership. Each new member still needs to accomplish the normal requirements and will have a year to complete them since we currently cannot have gatherings. We emphasized involvement in cruising, our social activities and work parties so you will be seeing everyone around when we can gather again. Over the course of the summer, the board voted in 12 new members. Our current membership total is 307, not too far from our maximum membership of 325. I held detailed orientations explaining the rules of DMYC. We wore masks and sat well over 6 feet apart to stay in compliance with our State’s regulations.

Since I have 12 new members to introduce, I will list them here and will add additional information on the DMYC Website under Board and Membership. Please log in and read about the great new members we gained.

  • Terry & Lesley Bate
  • Darth & Andrea Castan
  • Jeff Crosetto & Dr. Karen Brantman 
  • Jeff Dickson & Gail Rongey
  • Paul & Liz Ellis
  • Kirk & Becky Hamblen
  • Steve & Deanne Jacobson
  • Patrick & Emma Kelley
  • Eric Reddik & Shannon Thomas
  • Zach Schulte
  • Mark & Kazumi Stueck
  • BJ Warner

If you see our new members around the club, please give them a warm welcome!

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