October 2020 Vagabonder Vice Commodore — Denny Ertler

Summer is over and Fall/Winter is fast upon us. September was a busy month with some good weather early on for cruising and getting things done. Our sink hole is finally filled and the entrance to the property has been repaired. An $18k capital expense repair. Thank you all for putting up with the 48-hour closure to let the asphalt cure. Superior Asphalt Inc. did a really good job in my opinion. I do believe we should next spend some capital dollars to have these areas sealed and help prevent water intrusion and cracking again. It has been numerous years since the whole parking area was last sealed and cracks have developed in many areas. Superior’s Asphalt recommendation is to have the whole area cracked dug up and new asphalt laid down. Our capital account may not be able to afford this now; but to have the whole area resealed would help extend the life of the asphalt. Discussion for the board to consider.

September’s work party was very productive. We had a much better turn out then I expected and numerous things got done. I would like to thank you all for turning out and chipping in, especially several of our new members. Thank you. My big item was getting six light poles installed with LED solar motion lights. This has been on the 5-year planning committee to do list for a while. Hopefully, these lights will help deter and prevent thieves from breaking in and stealing items. Past Commodore Don Masoero has been a big help in obtaining bids and organizing workers to do repairs to the mobile home. Hopefully, in the near future, the Club will have a new resident caretaker to replace the function Margaret Moreau had performed for the club for decades.

Lastly, I am slowly getting the new backyard rules and agreement signature page out to those who rent stalls in the backyard. Backyard tenants, when you receive your copy please read and then sign and return the last page to me by email, mail, or just place under the door at the office upstairs or in the mail box on the southwest corner of the clubhouse. Additionally, please inspect your stalls and remove any unnecessary items/trash/vegetation and weeds. Keep it clean. Thanks.

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