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A drive through scholarship celebration was held on May 27th at the Des Moines Senior Center …. signs, balloons, car parade, cheering ,honking and many Pix!

The Jean Atwell Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Dulcemaria Baez. She is a leader at school and a volunteer in our community. She will attend UW in the fall taking classes in English and Pre-Law.

The Margaret Moreau Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Hamreet Kaur. She is an ideal student, volunteer and mentor for younger students. She will attend UW taking STEM classes and looks ahead to Computer Engineering.

The Toni Overmyer Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Minh Quan Nguyen. He is an artist, scholar and volunteer. He will attend UW in the fall taking STEM, business and architectural classes.

FIRST MATES contribute to the betterment of our local community by providing scholarships to graduating students from Mt. Rainier High School. Awards are made possible by the hard work of fund raisers and through our Gift Giving Program.

The DMYC FM NAVIGATING THE FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP FUND is a 501c3 federally recognized organization. Donations are tax deductible and matching funds from many employers are possible. A donation may be made to recognize an individual, or to honor the memory of an individual. First Mates send an acknowledgement card to the person honored or to the bereaved family, informing them that a donation has been made in their name and will include the name and address of the donor. A scholarship can be established in the name of a person or family member. Forms for the Gift Giving Program are found in the foyer or by contacting a committee member.


Des Moines Yacht Club Says Goodbye to Margaret Moreau

By Schelleen Rathkopf , NW Yachting Magazine

Des Moines Yacht Club is grieving the loss of their longtime club steward, Margaret Moreau, who passed Margarets-BD-2018-3away in February. She was just a couple months shy of her 95th birthday. “She was a really special lady that was admired by all,” shared Troy Childs, a longtime member of the club. “I have so many memories of her chasing us kids around at the club back in the day. She was always trying to keep us out of trouble!” Moreau was the club steward for over 40 years and DMYC was her extended family. She was born Electa Margaret Petrie on April 16, 1925, in Willowbrook, California. She married Everett Moreau on January 24, 1947, and they had three children together; Laura, Larry and Lynn. Margaret joined the Army Nurse Corp during World War II, and continued her work in nursing throughout her entire career. Margaret and Everett Moreau joined DMYC in 1974 and were active boaters and caretakers. Every
year, they would head out on their 25-foot Bayliner Nisqually, often with their grandkids on board. They cruised all over the Puget Sound region, frequently meeting up with other DMYC members. A favorite destination was Desolation Sound. “She had a memory like a computer, and after a while, we all just quit fact checking her because she was always right,” shared a longtime club member, who appreciated that all her records were handwritten in her notebooks. “We were all so spoiled.” Margaret handled most administrative functions for DMYC, including the creation of seating charts at DMYC functions. “She knew who wanted to be seated together and who should be seated apart!” The Des Moines Yacht Club misses Margaret’s presence tremendously, and has a respect and appreciation for what Margaret did to take care of the club and foster community with all club members.
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Des Moines Yacht Club History

Charles E. (Mac) McCurdy and his wife Toni founded the Des Moines Yacht Club in 1957 as the Vagabond Outboard Boating Club, with eight charter members. Waterfront property, approximately 50′ X 350′ was purchased late that year providing the membership with a clubhouse, caretaker’s cottage and existing buildings. The efforts of the membership the next several years brought about many improvements including a launching ramp with a dredged channel, parking facilities and a remodeled clubhouse. The membership, recognizing the material gains and broadened interest in the boating fraternity, changed the name to the Vagabond Yacht club in 1963. In 1970, the Des Moines Marina was constructed encompassing the club waterfront within its breakwater. Wishing to be defined geographically and oriented with the marina, the membership once again elected to change the club name to, “The Des Moines Yacht Club”.

With the construction of the marina, the members fell heir to 350’ of fill, approximately doubling our property and, in turn, increasing the value of the investment. The clubhouse was doubled in size in 1975 to accommodate the rapidly expanding membership, which had grown to over 200 members. In 1977, more pilings were installed in the marina area, allowing the club to substantially increase the club dock area. At that time, improvements were also made to the dock power, water and lighting systems. In the spring on 1978, it once again was becoming apparent that due to increases in membership, we were outgrowing our clubhouse facility. A building committee was formed for the purpose of determining whether we should remodel and expand our present facility or build a complete new clubhouse. In July of 1979, approval was given for construction of a completely new clubhouse. Also, the club membership was limited to 300 active members. The beautiful new facility was completed and dedicated in the spring of 1980.

Members of the Des Moines Yacht Club are privileged to fly its burgee, connoting many years of courteous conduct and safe boating habits. They benefit from the well-earned reputation, recognized by the boating community, both on and off the water. In addition to the fraternal benefits of the clubhouse and grounds for members and their friends, it boasts a launching ramp, docks, limited dry storage and moorage. Members can enjoy facilities at other yacht clubs on Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union and British Columbia.

There are approximately nine club sponsored dances and twelve cruises a year. Cruise activities are family-oriented, including children’s games, dingy races, sailing, pot lucks, softball, horseshoes, etc. As part of the annual activities, there is a Special Peoples Cruise, children’s Christmas party and lighted Boat Parade. The highlight of the land-oriented activities is the Commodore’s Ball held each year honoring the newly elected Commodore and First Mate.

The Des Moines Yacht Club participates in the Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day the club organizes and sponsors the South Sound Opening Day and annual Swap Meet. The Des Moines Yacht Club is a member of the Northwest Boating Council and Interclub Association, both of which are concerned with legislation of interest to boaters. They are members of the National Outboard Boating Council, as well as the International Power Boat Association and affiliated with the Pacific International Yachting Association. The ladies are encouraged to join the First Mates Organization if their interests are more than water oriented. They sponsor annual events benefiting the community and the club. The First Mates also has an active organization called, “The Swabbies”, for member’s children up to age 18. Events are organized and run by the children themselves with adult supervision. These events include a sports day, dingy races, a fishing derby and game nights.




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